Fun and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner, and I’m always trying to think up fun and clever costume ideas! After scouring the internet for days (okay maybe hours), here are my top 10 costume ideas for this Halloween:

10. The Price Is Right

the price is right

The good news is that this is a fairly cheap costume, but will definitely be a hit. All you need is a college sweatshirt of some sort, cardboard and some paint. Also, I have seen a few ideas where there are hand made shirts that have “Bob’s Babes” or other fun sayings on them. Either way, you are golden.

9. Google Maps

google mapsAgain, a fairly easy and cheap costume to pull off. All you’ll need is a gray shirt, shirt paint and a piece of red poster board. Boom! Google maps. Bonus points for adding clever street names.

8. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

I had to do this one, but just to be warned, I have a feeling with the show ending that this will be a very popular costume this Halloween season. The upside is that it will also keep you warm. Find a yellow jumpsuit, goggles and some blue pixie dust in a bag and there you have. You will also have an awesome snack throughout the night.

7. The Great Gatsby


This costume will cost you a little more, but you sure will look snazzy in it. If you aren’t looking to actually buy this costume, find a dress with sequins. Make your own headband using beaded elastic and a feather and add some dark eye liner and dark lipstick. You will be the flapper of the ball!

6. Saved By the Bell

Kelly KapowskiZach Morris

These are my favorite costumes, mostly because I would have loved to be Kelly Kapowski. You could even get the whole gang together, if you can convince someone to be Screech. Just be sure to add a beeper or unbelievably huge cellular device to your costume.

5. Guess Who?guess who

I can dig this one, but it may get old having a box around your head all night. I would suggest getting a few more friends in on this and really having fun. The good news is that this is another fairly cheap and easy costume idea, and great for a group of friends.

4. Where’s Waldo?

where's waldo

Blue jeans? Check. Red & White Striped shirt? Check. Hat? (Find here!) Glasses? Check. Now you have a Where’s Waldo costume!

3. Cast of Doug (Nick version, duh).


You cannot go wrong with a Doug and Patty Mayonnaise combo. You will most likely have a lot of these items in your closet already, so this is fairly simple! (Shout out to our friends Haley Whisenhunt and Ryan James who pull this costume off with ease).

2. Ninja Turtles

ninja turtles

Green shirts and athletics shorts make for an easy costume. Just bring on the shirt paint and you are good to go! (Along with a little face paint).

1. Clueless


This is perfect. I LOVE Cher Horowitz and Dionne Davenport (both named after famous singers of the past that now do infomercials). I was obsessed with Clueless. All you will need is a little 90’s fashion with the school-girl skirt and jacket. Everyone will think you have the costume of the year, or at least I will.

What are you going to be for Halloween? Think yours is the most creative or are you planning on one of these costumes? Comment and let us know!

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